Juniper Bonsai
Juniper Bonsai
Juniper Bonsai

Juniper Bonsai

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Grown and nourished in the foothills of Sikkim, this miniature tree is a lush green, low growing and most popular plant used for bonsai. 

The word “Bon-sai” is a Japanese term which means “planted in a container”. Bonsai is to create a miniaturized but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree. Bonsai are not genetically dwarfed plants, in fact, any tree species can be used to grow one!

The containers that hold the majestic Bonsai plants are an interest in themselves. Traditionally, they are shallow containers made from fired earthenware.

Placement - The Juniper Bonsai may be grown either indoors or outdoors. It needs a few hours of direct sunlight and for the rest of the day it require indirect bright light. If kept outdoors it needs shaded light but not harsh direct strong sunlight and it should be kept away from strong winds. 

Watering - The Juniper bonsai plant requires about half a cup of watering twice a week. Usually you can tell when it needs watering by the color and feel of the soil, moisture is key!

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